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It wasn't that obvious to me how to get input fields to save their values when switching tabs in a Wicket tabbed panel that is embedded in a form, so I thought I'd capture it here.

have a look at Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior.

I've done something similar by implementing my own Both his solution and mine (based on his) also assume that the behavior is the first (or only) one on the component.

This is a bit clunky, but something like this may work for you.

Abstract Ajax Behavior behavior = (Abstract Ajax Behavior)Wicket Tester Helper.

find Behavior(get Tester()Component From Last Rendered Page("path:to:component"), Ajax Form Choice Component Updating Behavior.class); get Tester().execute Behavior(behavior); //simulate insert new value Form Tester form Tester = Form Tester(PANEL_ID FORM); form Value("select Box", "new Value"); //Find onchange behaviour Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior behavior = (Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior) Wicket Tester Behavior( Component From Last Rendered Page(PANEL_ID FORM ":" "select Box"), ajax Form Component Updating Behavior.class); //execute onchange tester.execute Behavior(behavior); If the radio button is on a form I think you should use the Form Tester class: For an example of an Ajax form submit test you can take a look at: Form Submit htm method in a parent test case, which worked for his situation, but not for my need, as it assumed the request parameter id was the same as the full component path.

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